Russell Wilson wants better protection, but holds accountability for Seahawks sacks, as well


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a quintessential quarterback. 

He's represents everything one could want in a franchise player. He's good on the field. He's good off the field. He's by the book. 

Russell Wilson is relatively guarded, though. He gives people glimpses into his life, but remains pretty private. 

His interviews don't generally reveal much. Nothing ever leads to bulletin board material.

That's why when Wilson acknowledged he was “tired of getting hit all the time” and “it needs to be fixed," ears perked up. 

It's a defection from his normal media strategy.

It sent the entire NFL universe into a frenzy. 

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The stats are undeniable: Wilson has been sacked 394 times in his career.

That's a lot. Since Wilson entered the league, he has been sacked more than any other QB. No. 2 is Matt Ryan with 325.

The Seahawks have not bolstered their offensive line in Wilson's tenure. They've elected to spend money elsewhere. 

That's a fact. 

The Seahawks offensive line has never ranked in the top half of Pro Football Focus’s pass-block grading. 

But, while Wilson signaling to the front office to get him help up front is not the full context of his comments.  


He also said...

I've got to find ways to get better, too.

Russell Wilson

The offensive line is a big issue, yes, but Wilson also has some blame in those sacks, as well.

Sacks on a quarterback are a two-way street.

The offensive line has some blame in it, but at the end of the day, sacks are a quarterback stat.

If you hold the ball for too long, don't check down or throw the ball away, it will result in a sack. And all of those things are within Wilson's control. 

It’s also worth noting that Wilson, in the last two seasons, hasn’t played to his normal MVP-caliber standards in crucial playoff situations.

Wilson threw seven interceptions in a four-game span from Week 7 to Week 10 during the 2020-21 season, resulting in three losses.

The Seahawks changed schemes in their offensive approach, which demanded more pass-run balance, a deviation from "Let Russ Cook. 

With that change, Wilson failed to post a passer rating over 100 in four of the last five regular-season games.

The result? The Seahawks' offense looked sluggish and lackluster, which resulted in a first-round playoff loss to the Rams.

Wilson was sacked 5 times. 

The Seahawks were figured out, not just the offensive line. 

The Seahawks. 

The Seahawks' success in the past, including their Super Bowl winning season, has been two-fold: The defense and the run game.

With Wilson at the center of the team, the Seahawks have failed to reach the conference title game, and have missed the postseason once since then. Injuries have certainly played a factor, but are a normal part of the game.

The Seahawks need to figure it out-- That includes John Schneider and his ability to improve the roster up front as well as Russell Wilson and his ability to avoid sacks.

The good news is all parties know what they have to do and are willing to put the necessary work in to improve.