Russell Wilson’s impressive MVP run has officially come to a close


Let’s all take a trip down memory lane Seahawks fans, just for the purpose of this article.

Remember the first five games of the season? I sure do, because it was a glorious time for all of us.

The Seahawks were 5-0 and seemed to be an unstoppable force on the offensive side of the ball due in large part to what Russell Wilson was doing on the field.

The team had finally “Let Russ Cook,” and it was beautiful to watch.

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Wilson stood at the mountain top of the MVP rankings and was on pace to destroy Peyton Manning’s single-season touchdown record.

Fast forward eight games now, and Wilson is but an afterthought of MVP consideration and the Seahawks offense has been looking like a shell of itself.

It is quite arguably one of the worst slumps of his NFL career. In his last four games, Wilson has thrown just five touchdowns and four interceptions.

"We just gotta be better, we gotta be cleaner. It starts with me," Wilson said after the game on Sunday. "I've gotta continue to find ways to get the ball, to continue to get the ball to our guys, and let them do their thing."

Wilson recognizes and understands that he is not playing to his full potential, but he must know with playing this poorly that his MVP run this season has come to a close.


It has been pretty much over for the past few games now if we are being honest.

From our partners over at PointsBet, they have obviously updated their odds on who the MVP winner is expected to be this year.

The man at the top of the list is reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes with his odds at -500 while Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is right behind him at +460.

Next on the list is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen at +1500, then you have Wilson himself with his betting odds set at +2000.

I'm not a betting man myself, but I would not put my money on Wilson winning his first MVP trophy this year.

My hope is that he does get some voting thrown his way for not having any votes in previous seasons. He obviously still deserves some recognition for what he has done this season.

But Wilson and the 12s will have to wait and see what he does next year if he wants to win MVP. This year seems like a race between Mahomes and Rodgers who are playing out of their minds this year.

Now that Wilson is basically out of the MVP conversation, the Seahawks have to figure out what in the world is going on with their offense and how to fix it with four games left in the season.

Seahawks fans should not hit the panic button just yet, but if the team doesn’t figure out changes fast, a potential quick exit out of the playoffs could be awaiting them in the near future.