Seahawks ‘concerned’ after 49ers announce player tested positive for COVID


After the San Francisco 49ers shut down their facility on Wednesday due to a positive COVID test, the team they last played on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks, were on high alert.

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Jennifer Lee Chan learned 49ers wide receiver and Portland native Kendrick Bourne has been confirmed for COVID-19. The team announced the positive test Wednesday and Bourne immediately went into quarantine and was placed on the COVID-19 list.  

Hours after the news broke, the Seahawks gathered for routine practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton with heightened concerns.

“We’re concerned, yeah, of course we are, we just played them a few days back,” Carroll said Wednesday. “We are doing our homework on what the timing of his exposure and all that kind of stuff, and when he showed first, and all that to make sense of it. We have to be tuned into that and see what happens. I know they shut down today, and they’re playing tomorrow I believe, we’ll see what happens there. All we can do is test and be aware of the connections...

We just played a football game against the guys, so a lot of guys had some exposure.

- Pete Carroll

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Carroll said they have not heard anything from the league yet, but Seahawks general manager John Schneider had been in close contact with the 49ers organization as it pertains to details around Bourne's positive test. 


"We’ve talked our way through it and started to ask some guys around that had some post-game interactions and stuff like that,” Carroll said. “Right now, John and the guys their working to understand what took place and what we should do next about playing against a guy who tested positive on the day that he tested. I don’t know exactly when that was. I would think it was yesterday, at least, that he tested positive...

So part of the process is trying to figure out when a guy is contagious and all that stuff.

- Pete Carroll

Carroll hinted that possible changes to the NFL’s COVID protocol could soon be coming from the league. 

Seahawks linebacker and NFC Defensive Player of the Week Bobby Wagner said he’s not worried about contracting the virus due to in-game contact.

“I’m not concerned about it,” Wagner said. “I don’t think I was around him too much. From my knowlege, there hasn’t been a positive test from in game,” Wagner said. “I think we’re fine. I don’t think it’s something we worry about. I think everybody’s really careful. We do it the right way here.”

Seahawks receiver John Ursua received a false positive during training camp, but the team has yet to have a single positive COVID-19 case this season. Bobby Wagner isn’t surprised. “No, I’m not surprised because I feel like everybody here takes it pretty serious,” Wagner said. “I think our state is doing a pretty good job, as far as I know, and I feel like the team is doing a great job. I think they’re really on it and everybody’s conscious of it and we understand what is at stake... 

We understand we’re playing with people’s lives and you don’t want to do that.

- Bobby Wagner