The Seahawks don't let Russell Wilson be the best football player in the world


Seahawks veteran quarterback Russell Wilson is arguably one of the best football players in the world.

With the season set to begin this coming Sunday against the Falcons, this Seahawks team, and Wilson, is looking to start this year off with a bang.

With all that being said, some fans are asking for the team to let Wilson do more than what he is already doing. After all, this is his team now.

The ‘Let Russ Cook’ social media movement has grown over the last few weeks and even made its way to ‘The Herd with Colin Cowherd’ on Wednesday, where Cowherd broke it down to everyone that Wilson is, essentially, being held back by the Seahawks coaching staff.


Russell Wilson, I think, is the best football player in the world. But, I have Seattle at 10-6 because, even though he plays the most important position, Seattle’s coaching staff doesn’t let him be the best football player in the world.

Colin Cowherd

Cowherd cites a statistic dating back to 2017, showing the amount of times NFL teams pass in the first quarter-- The Seahawks have the fewest attempts at 299, followed by the Jaguars (307), Washington and Chicago (315). 

“So, basically, Pete Carroll treats [Wilson] like Blake Bortles, whoever is quarterbacking Washington and Mitchell Trubisky… all those teams are bad at quarterback and then there’s the best football player in the world number one. That’s why Wilson is frantically coming from behind to win games. They’re in a whole a lot— because they run it too much."

According to ESPN Stats and Analysis, the Seahawks have dropped back to pass on 47% of first-quarter offensive plays during the first two seasons that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is at the helm. The statistic was the lowest percentage of any NFL team in that span.


For being the face of the franchise and the go-to player when the game is on the line, Cowherd may have a point. 

"It’s almost like Russell Wilson is a major league pitcher on a pitch count," Cowherd continued. "He’s the only great quarterback in the NFL, maybe in NFL history, that has a head coach that doesn’t necessarily coach him for four quarters allowing him to win the game. Pete Carroll wants the ball in someone else’s hands early in football games."

To Wilson’s credit, he has never aired out any grievances suggesting he's upset with how the Seahawks are using him. He cares about one thing and one thing only: Winning.

And Wilson is very good at winning.

Wanting Wilson to do more early is a fair point. But if the scheme works, and the Seahawks win the game, isn’t Wilson still cooking anyway?

Sure, it would be nice to see Wilson throw three touchdowns right in the first quarter of the game, but that is not how this Seahawks offense runs its scheme.

The Seahawks have always been a run heavy offense, and Wilson would be the icing on the cake when they needed him most.

The ‘Let Russ Cook’ slogan is fun at all, but what do we want more than anything as Seahawks fans? We want Wilson to win and get the job done.

Wilson will continue to cook as he has been doing for the last few seasons. It just might not be how Seahawks fans want him to cook, though.