Seahawks fans split over decision to not trade for Julio Jones


After weeks of speculation, wide receiver Julio Jones has a new home— the Tennessee Titans. 

While the trade wasn’t shocking, the terms of the deal were… 

A second rounder?! That’s it?! 

Prior to the trade, the Seahawks were betting favorites to land Jones, who was seeking a big arm QB to contend with. 

After the trade went down, Seahawks fans’ reactions were mixed, which makes sense. 

A second rounder for a Pro Bowl wide receiver is head scratching. 

But some Seahawks fans and media members were just fine with “missing out,” for varying reasons. 

That’s true! The money would have been too steep for the Seahawks, should they have tried to make the move. They also have other priorities like signing Jamal Adams long-term to worry about and already have one of the best WR combos in the league with Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

Most teams this late into the 2021 offseason did not have the wiggle room with their cap situations. 



Jones will now be the second-highest player on the Titans next season behind their QB Ryan Tannehill. The Falcons got Jones out of the NFC and also created some cap flexibility. 

The Seahawks will host Jones and the Titans in their home opener in 2021.