Seahawks happy to have RB Chris Carson back on the field


It has been some time now since we saw Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson on the field, but under the lights on Monday Night Football, he was in full form and healthy again.

The Seahawks wasted no time getting Carson up to speed in Monday night’s 23-17 win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Carson, who hasn’t played since Oct. 25 after suffering a foot injury against the Arizona Cardinals, showed us immediately how he could have an impact in the Seahawks backfield. 

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Carson capped off the Seahawks second scoring drive with a hard-fought 16-yard run through traffic to put the team up 14-0 in the second quarter. It was clear that his foot was no longer bothering him, after weeks of staying off the field.

It's great to see Chris Carson back, he ran like a monster out there. The touchdown run was fantastic.

Pete Carroll on Chris Carson against the Eagles

Carson finished the game with 41 yards on eight carries and had one touchdown. It might not be eye-popping stats like what wide receiver DK Metcalf had in Monday's win, but the running back did bring something back the team has been missing for a few weeks now.


“He brought toughness back to the offense,” DK Metcalf said after the game. “Carlos (Hyde) ran hard last week, but just to see No. 32 back there in the backfield running over people is amazing.”

It was a sight to see for a lot of Seahawks fans when it comes to the run game. Both Hyde and Carson were splitting time throughout the whole game-- something the team hasn't seen since the game against Arizona where Carson got hurt.


Now, the Seahawks look to take these next few games on attack mode with the offense and defense back at full strength. 

Seattle now moves to 8-3 on the season and sits high and mighty on top of the NFC West, and right below New Orleans in the division.

“Any way I can help the team, I want to do that,” Carson said after the game. “ Me and Carlos (Hyde) and everyone else, we contribute to that. It just felt good to be back out there. I missed it.”

Seahawks fans missed you just as much, Carson. 

Welcome back.