Seahawks have challenged DK Metcalf to speak up more in second NFL season


DK Metcalf continues to be one of the most hyped players on the Seahawks roster. It’s been that way since last summer.

A lot of times, guys become media darlings and that’s what generates most of the buzz. However, in Metcalf’s case, it’s been the team that has continued to perpetuate his glorification. Metcalf’s hype train has gone completely off the rails, and yet, the second-year wideout appears more than capable of living up to the lofty expectations placed upon him.

He’s continued his upward trajectory with dazzling plays on a near-daily basis in Seahawks training camp. His teammates and coaches continue to rave about all aspects of his game.

Brian Schottenheimer was the latest to take the mic and sing Metcalf’s praises.

“His expectation. His standard,” Schottenheimer stated as to what sets Metcalf apart from his peers. “This guy is an unbelievable worker. He wants to be great. He wants to be one of the best of all-time. He doesn’t win every matchup, but when he doesn’t win the matchup, he takes it personally. He doesn’t shy away. He wants to jump back up there.”

The coach noted that many young players, especially after a successful rookie season, have a tendency to take their foot off the gas. The “I’ve got this” mentality leads to a rude awakening for many players in their second NFL seasons.

Those types of guys, Schottenheimer continued, will often step out of the line in a 1-on-1 period or avoid a competitive two-minute period. That’s not the case with Metcalf.


“This guy doesn’t take any plays off,” Schottenheimer said. “He absolutely attacks his job.”

Metcalf’s 900 yards and seven touchdowns as a rookie indicate that he could be in store for a monster season in 2020. But beyond what could be his first 1,000-yard, double-digit touchdown campaign, the Seahawks want Metcalf to also emerge as one of the team’s top leaders.

Seattle isn’t short on leadership. Russell Wilson, Duane Brown, Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright and even Jamal Adams are all standouts in that department. That’s why Schottenheimer directly telling Metcalf to be more vocal is so significant.

“I kind of challenged him the other day,” Schottenheimer said. “He’s earned the right to speak up more. Our guys on offense respect him. He’s earned that right to call guys out and try to bring them along, and if the tempo is down in practice, he’s earned that right. More than that, we need his voice in that regard. That’s how much I respect him as a football player and as a rookie.”

Metcalf hasn’t been shy about chirping at the Seahawks defense during camp. One can only assume he’s taking a more active approach in meeting rooms as well.

Seattle has a budding superstar on its hands, and it’s evident that no one within the team is trying to hide it.