John Schneider has ‘just a little jab’ for 49ers GM John Lynch


“Always compete.”

It’s the philosophy embedded in Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s mindset each and every offseason as they look to strengthen the Seattle Seahawks roster and become more competitive in the top-tier of the NFL.

This year is no different. Evaluating college talent is a year-round job for coaches and scouts and making sure everyone is on the same page is a crucial part of the Seahawks draft process. But this season is unique in that coaches and scouts are limited in their ability to travel as frequently to spot young talent in action due to the uncertainness and unpredictability amid the COVID pandemic.

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Still, the Seahawks managed to reach out, make the calls, and book the tickets. And as it turns out, Seattle met with a few more prospects than its NFC West rivals, the San Francisco 49ers.

Two days ago, 49ers GM John Lynch dished out the numbers on how his team managed to scout so many players with so much uncertainty.  


“We attended 176 games and practices, despite COVID and travel restrictions this year,” Lynch said. “We saw essentially every player of note, that didn’t opt out, play live this fall. We took part in nearly 400 Zoom calls with schools, countless calls and texts to gather background information. Interviewed nearly 600 players in-person, by phone and by Zoom… We covered 128 separate Pro Days.”

On Wednesday, the Seahawks GM one-upped him by going through the same statistics and adding 1 to each number.  

“We actually attended 176 college games and practices we conducted 401 Zoom calls,” Schneider said. “We interviewed 601 players, and we attended 129 separate pro days.”

Just a little jab to our friends in the Bay Area.

- John Schneider

With the 2021 NFL Draft less than 24 hours away and the regular-season start just a few months away, it’s clear one of the fiercest rivalries in all of football is very much still alive in 2021.