Seahawks’ kicker Jason Myers sets franchise record with 61-yard field goal against Rams


The Seattle Seahawks could not get the job done against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, dropping their third game of the season, 23-16.

Despite the issues on both sides of the ball, there was one major highlight for the Seahawks before halftime. 

On 4th-and-10 with two seconds left on the game clock, the special teams unit stepped onto the field where kicker Jason Myers would line up behind the 50-yard line.

With enough power in his leg from the logo, a 61-yard attempt, his kick had enough space to keep going if he took a few yards back.

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Myers would make the longest field goal of his career, as well as set the Seahawks franchise record.

“A fantastic kick,” Pete Carroll said after the loss. “He is off to a great season, and he is doing everything we ask of him. Both him and Michael (Dickson) are kicking the heck out of the football, giving us field position, keeping people pinned back… the kicking game has been solid.”

In the fourth quarter, Myers kicked in another field goal for the Seahawks which made it 21-straight field goals attempts, the third-longest steak in franchise history.

The Seahawks don’t have much time to rest, as they take on the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. One thing is for sure, the Seahawks don’t have to worry about special teams when it comes to things the team has to work on heading into this week's crucial contest.