Seahawks’ LT Duane Brown has been the key to the team's success this year


The Seattle Seahawks offense is primarily centered around quarterback and MVP frontrunner Russell Wilson.

Then it trickles down to Chris Carson (when healthy) and the wide receiver duo of Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf, the guys everyone sees the highlights from when the game is over.

One aspect of the offense that always seems to get overlooked is how well the Seahawks offensive line is playing this year.

It might not be perfect, but the team is 6-1 and on top of the NFC West standings. A team can only do so much without a good offensive line.

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A huge part of the success of the line is their leader Duane Brown, who is playing exceptionally well, playing in his 13th NFL season.

In Thursday’s presser, Wilson especially took notice of how well his offensive line is doing and he knows it starts with Brown and his play.

“They are blocking their tails off from left to right, and are running the ball well," Wilson said. “I think their confidence is extremely high, and it obviously starts with our leader in Duane Brown and who he is. There is nothing he can’t do.”

Through the first seven games of the season, Brown has really been leading by example with his ability to block in space on perimeter runs and remains one of the best tackles in the game at getting out in front of sweeps and toss plays.


According to Pro Football Focus, Brown has only allowed a single sack for the entire year - that is about 465 offensive snaps- and has been penalized just once.

Brown is also currently sixth against all offensive tackles in pass block win rate metric, as well as the line, as a whole, rank fifth in pass block efficiency, according to ESPN.

Like I said, in my opinion, I think he is the best left tackle in football.

Russell Wilson on Duane Brown

Brown has certainly been the key piece (along with some changes at the o-line before the season started) to one of the most improved positional groups in the league.

As a team, the Seahawks have only looked this good since the last time they won the Super Bowl back in 2013. Their record and how they are playing shows they are going for it all this year.

If Brown and the offensive line stay healthy, as they are throughout the rest of the season, then other teams should have the Seahawks as a contender this year.