The Seahawks are letting ‘Russ Cook,' but can't convert on third down this season


The Seattle Seahawks are finally letting Russell Wilson ‘cook’ this season, and for the most part, it is going according to plan.

Wilson is having himself an MVP start to the season, the team is 5-1 and the offense itself is ranked No.1 in ypg at 425.2 through six games.

Solid numbers, right? Well, there is of course one aspect of the offense that may be some cause for concern for the rest of the season, if something doesn’t change:

The Seahawks are really bad at converting on third down.

How bad, you may ask? Heading into Week 7, the Seahawks are currently 31st in third-down conversion rate at a very low 34%. The team ahead of them? The winless New York Jets and the awful Chicago Bears.

The Seahawks are at the bottom of the list and surrounded by just bad offensive teams. The Seahawks do not belong on this list, statically speaking, if we are talking about how this offense has been performing this year.

Throwing on third down is usually the normal thing to do for an offense, of course it depends on the situation at hand, but Wilson is statically at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to third down passing. Also, not good.


So far this season, Wilson is 17-of-38 (44.7%) for 201 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs, and has taken 6 sacks during third down play.

And get this: Wilson’s third down passer rating is just slightly better than Denver's Drew Lock this season.

That is just… bad.

Despite those atrocious numbers, this Seahawks team is really good at scoring. Just not on third down. This season, they have scored three touchdowns on 4th down. 

Also, the team is first in touchdowns per drive and first in red zone touchdown percentage. So they get things done when they need scoring to happen, just not on third down.

That's great and all, but how long will this last? This offense has a lot of explosion to it on the earlier downs, but what about later in the season when those crucial third down moments come into play and in the playoffs? Those are the big questions to consider.

The offense is playing well enough to support themselves just enough to get by each and every game. Honestly, almost every game this season has been down to the wire and the heroics of Wilson do help a lot for the offense.

We can assume that this Seahawks offense on 1st and 2nd down will be like this every week this season. The team needs to figure out how to step up their third down play, and fast.

Watching Russ cook has been a lot of fun all season, don’t get me wrong. But if the offense can’t figure out how to fix their third down play, this season could turn ugly in the later parts of this season.

Wilson and the offense are on the clock.