Seahawks to meet Lizzo’s new man on the Minnesota Vikings, but who is it?


Ever since musician Lizzo debuted the No. 1 hit “Truth Hurts,” in which she belted the phrase “New man on the Minnesota Vikings," the NFL world has become consumed in finding out who she could be referencing.

Stefon Diggs insisted it wasn’t him, but declared he’d get to the bottom of it. Now, he’s with the Buffalo Bills.

"I've been wanting to ask her that question since I heard the song. I need to know," he told Sports Illustrated.

Could the Seattle Seahawks see Lizzo’s mystery man in Week 5? Let’s crack this case wide open…

For starters, Lizzo released the “Truth Hurts” song in 2017, so it’s possible the Minnesota Vikings player who slid in her DMs is no longer with the team. As The Detroit Free Press reported, Lizzo confirmed during a concert in Detroit, Michigan that the person in the song was from their city.

So here’s what we can gather:

- The player is not Diggs

- He played on the team in 2017 or prior

- He is from Detroit

Tight end Kyle Rudolph denied ever going on a date with the Grammy award-winning artist, but that didn’t stop him from asking tight end Tyler Conklin, who is from central Michigan near Detroit.  

“One of our other tight ends is from Detroit, so I had to go [to him] immediately and he said, nope, it's not him. So I'm still searching," Rudolph told the Pat McAfee show.


There is another Vikings player from the Detroit area, though. Linebacker Eric Wilson grew up in Redford, Michigan. reporter Eric Smith had to get the inside scoop… was it Wilson?

"I did hear about that, and a lot of people hit me up asking if I'm the new man or have any type of connection. But I don't,” Wilson told My mom actually hit me up last [month] asking me questions about that … my uncle, a whole bunch of friends. But it's not me. I need to do some more investigating."

Hmm… can’t say we’re convinced Wilson doesn't have some "insider" information (the insider being him). 

What we do know is Wilson will take on another Wilson for Sunday Night Football vs. the Seahawks.

Wilson, who joined the Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2017, thrusted into a larger role in Minnesota’s defense after four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Anthony Barr was placed on Injured Reserve with a torn pectoral muscle. Through four games this season, he has 15 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and one interception for the Minnesota defense.

We may never know if Wilson is the mystery man in Lizzo’s smash hit, and maybe we don’t want to. The truth hurts after all. Bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay.