Seahawks offense returns in second half vs. Rams, primed for playoffs


The Seahawks defense and quarterback Russell Wilson have been the peanut butter and jelly for Seattle’s success over the years. 

At the beginning of the season, the offense was on fire and Wilson looked like the sure-favorite to win the league's MVP award this year. Meanwhile, the defense struggled to find its identity during that time.

For the last five weeks, the defense has finally found its footing and looked like the defense of old like when the "Legion of Boom" was playing. It looked like the fire from the beginning of the season had finally run out for Wilson and the offense. 

On Sunday against the Rams, when Seattle needed a win to clinch the NFC West, the offense finally found its groove in the second half. 

And it was beautiful to watch.

Coming into this game, the Rams were ranked No.1 on defense in the NFL. They lived up to the title in the first half of the game, limiting Seattle to just a pair of field goals and sacking Wilson three times with just six first downs on offense.

When the second half came rolling in, the Rams still made it tough on the offense, but Wilson and company looked way more effective and efficient, starting with an opening drive that had Wilson to David Moore for 45-yards and later capping it all off with a 4-year touchdown run.

It looked like Wilson and the offense had finally found their stride again.


“Russ continued to put us in the right spots, no turnovers on offense today,” said head Coach Pete Carroll after the game. “That makes the difference, all the difference in the world in a championship setting…

You’re seeing us play really good, smart football right now. We are playing complementary football, we are playing together now.

Pete Carroll on the Seahawks offense

Wilson went 20-for-32 for 225 yards and a touchdown. As he was seen earlier in the day rocking a Kobe jersey, the mentality to finish the game off with a bang. 

Seattle’s clinched the game in the fourth quarter, where Wilson completed five of his passes for 59 yards and a touchdown to Jacob Hollister to secure the game.

Like the Kobe jersey he was rocking before the game, Wilson exhibited true Mamba Mentality to being the offense back to life. 

Besides Wilson, it is worth noting the running game, led by Chris Carson, was a huge factor in the Seahawks win against the Rams.

Carson had 16 carries for 69 yards in a game that was more pass dominate than anything, but the Seahawks know that having all three backs healthy and ready before playoffs is going to be crucial down the stretch.

Chris was marvelous again today. So tough, so physical, so secure with everything. He is a stud.

Pete Carroll on Chris Carson

"I thought we ran the ball well, we just didn’t get as many attempts as we would like,” said Carroll after the game. “All three guys are capable of doing damage, sometimes in a game like this there isn’t enough carries to go around for everybody.”

The Seahawks defeated the Rams 20-9 to clinch the NFC North title, as the prepare for their last regular season game of the year against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, both sides of the ball seem to be fully in sync with one another and it was shown in today’s game.

This Seahawks team looks ready for the playoffs now more than ever.