Seahawks RB Chris Carson shows off superhuman strength in workout


Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson is taking a page out of DK Metcalf's book. 

It's not just the wide receiver that is seemingly doing super human things.

On Tuesday, Carson was seen working out for the upcoming season. 


Doing push-ups can be a struggle on the ground. But Carson doing them mid-air on a medicine ball with one leg in the air and a giant chain draped over your midsection and an elastic band as the mechanism you're pushing against... just incredible. 

And that's not the only workout video Carson has been in this offseason. 

Here he is deadlifting 525 pounds like it's nothing. 

Carson re-signed with the Seattle Seahawks on a three-year, $24.625 million deal that voids to two years at $10.425 million during free agency. 

These videos are a welcomed sight for Seahawks fans who hope to see a healthy Carson heading into next season!