Seahawks release statement on Chad Wheeler, who is 'no longer with the team'


The Seahawks have issued a statement on Chad Wheeler and the allegations of domestic violence against him. Wheeler was released from King County Jail on Tuesday on a $400,000 bond. The alleged details and photos are disturbing and chilling.

Wheeler is accused of beating and strangling his girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness last Saturday evening. When she woke up, Wheeler allegedly said "Wow, you're still alive?"

The Seahawks condemned the act and reiterated that Wheeler is no longer with the team.

Seattle officially waived Wheeler on Wednesday, who was set to become a restricted free agent in March upon the start of the new league year.

In the statement, it says the team offers its "thoughts and support" to the victim. It will be interesting to see how that support manifests itself, whether it be assisting with medical bills or actively working to help her in all phases of her recovery.

Wheeler is scheduled to have a probable cause hearing on Wednesday. His NFL career is undoubtedly over. Now we will wait and see how a potential trial plays out. The question at that point, if any aspect of the allegations are true (the initial evidence is incredibly damning), should become how much jail time he will serve.