Russell Wilson officially trademarks “Let Russ Cook”


The Seahawks have been letting quarterback Russell Wilson cook all season long and it shows with the team's record being at 6-1 and atop of the NFC West standings.

Obviously, Wilson must know he is playing at another level, and he most likely has seen the ‘Let Russ Cook’ chants all over Twitter. The slogan started in Week 3 of the 2019 season, and the train has not slowed down since.

A year later and with the help of Twitter making it as big as it is, Wilson is now looking to capitalize on that slogan and earn some extra dollars on the side from it. 

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Per trademark attorney Josh Gerben, it seems that Wilson is filing a suit to trademark the poplar phrase and officially claim it as his own.

In the video, Gerben explains that Wilson is filing for ‘Let Russ Cook’ for a variety of different things that include: clothing items and, you guessed it, cooking utensils.

It seems that Wilson is taking the term and using it to his full advantage with the ‘cooking’ side of it. Very well played, Mr. Unlimited.

Something like this was bound to happen at some point. Wilson is a smart individual on the business of things as well outside of his play on the field.


Anything with your name on it that starts to get some popularity deserves some attention on whether you can make some money moves with it.

There is no timetable on when Wilson will officially have the trademark, but before you know it you may have yourself a ‘Let Russ Cook’ apron in your kitchen in no time.