Seahawks, Steelers & Titans are 5-0, but who is the best undefeated team?


After wondering whether or not we would even have an NFL season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, six weeks of actual football games are in the books.

It hasn't been without some health scares, with two of the three remaining undefeated teams forced to shut down facilities and/or reschedule games.

Through six weeks of NFL play, and after the Green Bay Packers loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, only three teams remain at the top of the mountain without having a loss this year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, and the Seattle Seahawks.

Each team has a defining factor about them that has prevented a blemish on their record:

The Seahawks have MVP frontrunner Russell Wilson as their quarterback; the Steelers have quarterback Ben Roethlisberger back and James Conner is playing well in the backfield; Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill is playing solid after taking the over QB1 duties last year-- and they also have a guy named Derrick Henry in the backfield, which does help a lot.

As perfect as each team’s record is, all still have some imperfections attached to them, as all teams do generally.

The Seahawks, specifically on the pass defensive, are struggling to stop quarterbacks through the air.

Seattle is ranked 32nd in passing yards per game with allowing over 370.4 yards. That is not a good number to have when, you know, defense wins championships.

Conversely, the Pittsburgh Steels defense looked great against the Browns on Sunday, but has been inconsistent, to say these least.


The Tennessee Titans have been somewhat unpredictable, as well. They struggled through their first three games against inferior opponents (Broncos, Vikings, Jaguars), winning by a combined six points, but then blew out the then 4-0 Bills. It helps to have Derrick Henry, who rushed for 212 yards and two scores in the team's 42-36 win over the Texans Sunday.

The Titans and the Seahawks are similar in one aspect of their game: Their defense is the main issue with each ranking in the bottom third of all NFL teams. 

Deciding on who the ‘best’ undefeated team out of this group is pretty simple.

It's the Seattle Seahawks.

The Steelers and the Titans don’t have Russell Wilson.

Roethlisberger is almost 40 and his throwing arm is essentially non-existent. He has the fewest passing yards and touchdown passes of the three undefeated QBs. 

And Tannehill isn't anywhere close to being in Russell Wilson's league, either.

Wilson is the key to Seattle’s success this year-- 1502 yards passing, a 72% completion, 19 TDs to 3 INTs, and a QB rating of 129.8. 

He is also the defining factor on why the Seahawks will continue to figure out ways to win.

Sure, the Titans have the Seahawks on more total yards per game and rushing yards. The Seahawks (33.8) and Titans (32.8) are No. 1 and No. 2 in average points scored this season. 

Both the Titans (409.8) and the Seahawks (471.2) are allowing a ton of yards per game while the Steelers defense is second best in the league in yards allowed (285.2).

So, there are some positives and negatives about each.

They're all flawed and imperfect, despite their 5-0 records.

But with Wilson’s mentality and the pursuit to figure how to win those tough games, I just don’t see this Seahawks team losing any time soon.

The Steelers or Titans will lose this next weekend. GUARANTEED. 

They face each other Sunday at 10am PT.

The Seahawks earned a much-needed bye week this past week and have the Arizona Cardinals next on the schedule. 

The Cards play on a short week, facing the Cowboys Monday night. Nevertheless, it’s hard to say the Cardinals can slow down Wilson and the Seahawks offense.

If the Seahawks keep this momentum going, I don’t see anyone stopping them anytime soon as the season rolls on.