Seahawks will look to pressure Jared Goff early, take notice of his development as a quarterback


The matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams is an important game for both teams if you really think about it.

For the Seahawks, the 44-34 loss to the Buffalo Bills last week was a tough one to watch, and a lot of concern is thrown on the defense. The defense needs to make changes if they want to make a push for the Super Bowl.

Essentially, the game against the Rams is a make or break game for the Seahawks defense. 

For the Rams, they are returning back from a bye week where they lost to the struggling Miami Dolphins 28-17 in their last game.

Things did not go well for Rams quarterback Jared Goff the last time he was on the football field.

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Goff turned the ball over four times -two of them being picks -and only threw one touchdown in a disappointing loss.

Now that Goff had a week off to “reflect” on his poor performance, the Seahawks can expect a much more ramped up and focused version of Goff this time around.

And with the way the Seahawks pass defense has been all season long, Goff doesn’t have to share why he is so excited for this Sunday’s game.

The relationship between Goff and head coach Sean McVay is one of the more noticeable ones in the NFL.


McVay has helped Goff become the quarterback he is today, and Goff has helped lead the offense for the past four seasons.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll does take notice of the two’s relationship and how McVay takes care of his quarterback.

“Their commitment to the run game and the run action stuff that they do, get him (Goff) out of the pocket a ton, that’s more than anybody in the NFL,” Said Pete Carroll on Wednesday’s presser. “Their style of throwing on early downs, it really does lend itself to taking care of the quarterback and he obviously gets that. He is a great ball coach and they work really well together. He is lucky to have Sean and Jared’s really good football players too, so they are lucky to have him as well. It’s a nice mix and it makes it hard.”

The Seahawks will look to attack the quarterback more this game. With Carlos Dunlap in the lineup and Damon “Snacks” Harrison making his debut this Sunday, the defense will try and make their presence felt.

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner knows pressuring Goff won’t be easy, but understands that putting pressure on a quarterback can really change the outcome of the game.

“I think that is with any quarterback. If you get in any quarterbacks face and don’t let him have the time to see his routes, allow him to recognize plays, get his feet set, you can really throw him off,” Said Bobby Wagner. “They (Rams) do a really good job of countering that with the boots that they run.

The Seahawks and Rams games are also a fun watch for any football fan. But both teams must know that this game coming up is a very important one on how the season may come down to the wire for a playoff spot.