Bruce Irvin wasn't holding back on Jadeveon Clowney, Titans


Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin is on one tonight!

And we are all grabbing our popcorn during an extremely rare Tuesday night football game. 

The Bills and Titans played their rescheduled game Tuesday following the Tennessee’s two-week hiatus due to positive COVID-19 tests in late Sept.

And that’s where Irvin started with his Tuesday night commentary – discussing the Titans current situation, so we're guessing that’s what he means when he's talking about cooties:

And then Irvin went at Tennessee defensive end Jadeveon Clowney -- letting the world know, or probably more specifically Seahawks fans know that Clowney currently has the same amount of sacks as him.

Irving’s commentary on Twitter or we should say jabs at Clowney, of course, make sense considering Irvin had a season-ending ACL injury that he suffered in Week 2, and now he wants to point out that Clownery hasn't done all that much this season (because remember there were plenty of 12s who wanted Clowney back so bad) and really he’s been anything but mediocre this season, essentially.

You follow that?

But hey, Irvin warned everyone in an earlier tweet that he wasn’t holding anything back Tuesday night.

And he didn’t.

On the season, Clowney has 5 solo tackles (7 total) in four games this season and 2 TFL with no sacks on a $12 million+ contract.

And Irvin let the NFL world know just that, basically. 

Now the question is: Will Clowney respond on Twitter or on the field? Titans fans are definitely hoping for the latter.


But, Seahawks fans don’t fret—Irvin was showing you all the love on Twitter by the end of the night.

It’s always love for Seattle from Irvin – forever and always! As for Irvin and Clowney – that seems more like a love/hate type of relationship.

And those types of relationships really blossom on Twitter.

Thanks for the commentary tonight, Irivn!