L.J. Collier gets ankle scoped, says he’s excited for Year 3 with Seahawks


NFL free agency is just about one month away for the Seattle Seahawks and the team will have a lot of moves to make when that time comes.

The Seahawks will also be waiting on updates on certain players rehabbing from injuries sustained during the season.

Players such as Marquise Blair and Bruce Irvin should be making their return, but on Wednesday, another player on the defense went and got offseason surgery to get right before the season starts.

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Third-year Seahawks DE L.J. Collier.

On Wednesday, Collier spoke with ‘Good Morning Football’ about undergoing surgery on Tuesday to fix up some pain around his ankle. He even posted on his Instagram story post-operation.

L.J. Collier

"I had my ankle scoped out," Collier said. "I had to get my ankle cleaned out. It wasn't all that bad. Let everyone know I'm straight."

Collier getting his ankle scoped shouldn’t be too worrisome for fans in general. That procedure is to mainly clear up some damage and is a less invasive way of doing surgery.

But it’s good he got this issue fixed now rather than later.

Collier also went on to talk about how excited he is to enter into his third year with the Seahawks. During his rookie year, he was plagued with injuries that sidelined him for most of that whole year.

Entering his sophomore campaign last year, Collier was back but didn't have OTA's to get up to speed with everyone else. Although he was a vital part of the defense, he heard the doubters saying the Seahawks made a mistake with this pick.


Collier only had 16 solo tackles and just three sacks.

Now that he is heading into this third year with the Seahawks, Collier wants to show and prove that he belongs as a starter with the team.

“A lot of people tried to count me out,” Collier said. “People  talking about he cant do this, the Seahawks made a mistake, but I wasn’t really worried about all that because I know what I can do with a healthy body and given a good chance and I am going to go out and prove that this year. 

I haven’t even scratched the surface on what I can do. Year three I'm really going crazy.

L.J. Collier

Look for Collier and a few other Seahawks to make their way back this season a lot healthier than where they were at last season.