The path the Seattle Seahawks defense has been on for much of the season hasn't been the same as the team's offense. 

Seattle is letting ‘Russ Cook,’ which is very good. But the Legion of Boom days, and any possible resurrection of that are distant memories, at this point.

Currently, the Seahawks defense is ranked at the very bottom of the list in the NFL rankings

Others at the bottom include the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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Not the best look for the defense, at all.

But with the Seahawks taking down the Arizona Cardinals in Week 11 to take the top spot in the NFC West, the next four weeks for Seattle could help the squad get some confidence back on the defensive side of the ball.

When you take a look at the Seahawks' next four games, fans can take a big sigh of relief for many reasons. 

For one, that gets the benefit of playing three really bad NFC East teams and the New York Jets.

All four of these teams are very bad on the offensive side of the ball. These are the offensive rankings for each team in order of Seattle’s schedule.

Philadelphia Eagles - 30th
New York Giants - 24th
New York Jets - 31st
Washington Football Team - 28th


The weakest part of the Seahawks defense is their ability to protect against the pass.

None of Seattle's next four opponents rank higher than 26th through the air.

Seattle’s next matchup comes Sunday against the Eagles, and quarterback Carson Wentz is the most sacked quarterback in the league. That gives plenty of reason for the Seahawks defense to gain more confidence against a team that hasn’t been great all year.

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin is returning this week. Carlos Dunlap has been excellent since joining the team. DJ Reed has been a hidden gem. Darrell Taylor will make his debut soon. Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright are easily the best linebacker duo in the NFL and Jordyn Brooks has shown promise as part of the next-gen defense.

It's fair to say that Seattle’s defense is just not going to be elite this year or even scrape the top of the rankings. But as long as the offense remains in the upper echelon and the defense gains some confidence, it could be enough to make the Seahawks a serious Super Bowl contender.

If the next four games go according to plan and the Seahawks gain some momentum on defense, then maybe, for once, we can all relax midway through the fourth quarter for a change.