Seattle Seahawks receive no compensatory picks for the 2021 NFL Draft


The Seahawks were already heading into the 2021 NFL Draft without a ton of picks. 

And now, we know they won’t be gaining any picks through the compensatory system this year, either.

On Wednesday, NFL Senior Vice President of Football & International Communications Michael Signora posted the full list of Draft compensatory selections for each team.

And as expected, the Seahawks are not on the list.

Of course, this was basically supposed to be expected anyway.

Because of the big Jamal Adams trade, the Seahawks will not have either a first-round or a third-rounder in the year’s draft pick, as well as a 6th round pick.

Here is the Seahawks current 2021 Draft pick order:

1st Round: N/A

2nd Round: 56th overall

3rd Round: N/A

4th Round: 129th overall

5th Round: 167th overall

7th Round: 234th overall, 249th overall

The NFL Draft begins on April 29th and ends on May 1st.