Seahawks rookie Stephen Sullivan is now listed as a DE


In the 2020 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks added eight new rookies to their team that the organization is hopeful will make an impact for years to come.

The Seahawks' final selection in the draft was LSU’s Stephen Sullivan, who originally, was a tight end in college.

Now into his professional career and on the practice squad for the Seahawks, Pete Carroll and the other coaches are planning to use Sullivan in a position that he has not played since high school.

On Wednesday, Seattle updated their official roster, which still lists Sullivan as a tight end. But now the Seahawks are going to try him out at the defensive end, as well, listing him as a DE this week.

For Sullivan, his short-area quickness might need some improvement, but his height, weight, arm length, and explosiveness as an athlete do make a case for the Seahawks to at least test it out.

Seahawks Defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. has told reporters that Sullivan has been working with the defensive ends for a few weeks now. Norton expressing that Sullivan has “the length and speed and look of a great pass rusher.”

For Sullivan, it is unlikely he will be making any big impact as of now. The Seahawks seem to be looking to figure out what Sullivan can bring in the long term -- whether it is on offense as a tight end, or on the defensive line.

Only time will tell if the changes will become final.