Seattle Seahawks would be interested in Sam Darnold to replace Russell Wilson if traded away


The relationship between the Seattle Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson is still unclear at the moment.

Anything can happen with free agency starting out this week. But so far, Wilson is still the Seahawks quarterback.

However, if something were to go down, there is one quarterback that Carroll would want to take over for Wilson if he departed.

According to the New York Daily News’ Pat Leonard, Carroll has some high praise for Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and would be open to bringing him in if Seattle trade away Wilson.

A Daily News source said to “keep an eye on Seattle for Darnold” if Wilson does depart.

It does make sense. Carroll is a USC guy, same as Darnold.

Wilson does have a no-trade clause in his contract, and would have the ultimate deciding factor if he did want to leave for another team.

Originally, he listed the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints, and the Dallas Cowboys has his top destinations.

However, the Saints re-signed Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston and the Cowboys signed Day Prescott to a lengthy deal.

So Wilson’s wishlist is now been cut in half.

But hey, anything can happen in free agency.

The Jets still need to figure out if they want to keep Darnold or use their No.2 overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft.


A lot of big decisions are going to be made for the Seahawks this offseason. All we can do now, at this moment, is wait to see if anything actually happens.