Shaquill Griffin admits Seahawks took Giants lightly and paid for it dearly


Let’s start with this: I appreciate Shaquill Griffin. This isn’t a “gotcha” story meant to capitalize on a quote. This is an appreciation for Griffin’s candor and honesty when many players and coaches opt to guise reality with cliches when things go poorly, at least with the media.

Griffin is usually one to call a spade a spade, and he didn’t mince words when discussing the Seahawks Week 13 loss to the Giants.

“We let that game get the best of us. We came in taking the team lightly, just being totally honest,” Griffin said. “In this league, you can lose to anybody if you don’t play right. I feel like we took that game lightly, and our focus point now is just refocusing – treating every team the same, like a championship game that we preach about. We’ve just got to live by it.”

It’s human nature to have letdowns. Try as he might, no mantra of Pete Carroll’s can help his team avoid that pitfall completely. But what’s important is to be able to have the self-awareness and accountability to admit it when it happens.

Apparently those tough conversations were had on Monday. The team attacked the “elephant in the room” and discussed the importance of never letting it happen again.

“You’ve got to attack it head on,” the corner said. “You’ve got people who want to beat around the bush a little bit and shy away from what is actually going on, what actually happened. What’s great about this team and this organization is we don’t do that.”


Griffin’s words should be taken with a few grains of salt. His defense largely played very well and only allowed 17 points to the Giants. He also doesn’t speak for everyone as surely there were players who his words don’t apply to.

But he’s one of the team leaders nonetheless and there’s undoubtedly plenty of truth to the notion that the Seahawks assumed they could skate by against the Giants.

“That team was not supposed to beat us. Let’s be totally honest,” Griffin said. “They were not supposed to win that game, and we have to live with that. That’s the taste in our mouth that no one ever wants. That’s the part that you can’t go on with. We don’t want that feeling anymore.”

Griffin had similar comments after Seattle lost to the Rams late last season. The Seahawks bounced back the following week and beat the Panthers. This time Seattle has the winless Jets next up on its schedule.

It’s the most ideal get-right game the Seahawks could hope for. The mentality shouldn’t be about winning and getting back on track, but rather about how many points they can win by. Seattle should aim to embarrass the Jets for 60 minutes, just to prove to themselves that they can. No more of this “you can’t win a game until the fourth quarter” nonsense.

The Seahawks are once again entering a game as the undisputed favorite. They should aim to play like it this time around.