Skip Bayless blasts Russell Wilson for naming his preferred trade destinations


Everyone has been weighing in on the Russell Wilson/Seattle Seahawks drama in recent days. ESPN's Dan Orlovsky came in with a particularly hot take on earlier this week.

So, naturally it was hot take machine Skip Bayless' turn to offer an... interesting opinion.

On Fox Sports' Undisputed, Bayless discussed the decision by Wilson and his agent to make public a list of the four destinations that Wilson would approve a trade to. And Bayless wasn't happy with the teams that Wilson included in his list.

I thought it was really bad form for Russell and his agent to put four teams out there -- two of which have an incumbent quarterback. It was out of bounds. It looked bad for Russ' sake.

Skip Bayless, Fox Sports' Undisputed

Of course, Bayless notably is partial to the Dallas Cowboys, who were included on the list, so it's no surprise to hear him invoke Dallas and Dak Prescott's name in this debate.

"I realize he's unhappy there," Bayless said of Wilson. "But don't force your unhappiness on the Cowboys or the Raiders. Because that's what you did. You said, 'Well, I'll go there!' Well, Dak is the quarterback right now. I know he's unsigned at the moment because he's untagged, and Derek Carr had a pretty good year last year.

Bayless certainly isn't wrong that Prescott and Carr were solid last year for their respective teams. But he is missing the point here a bit.

Wilson has a no-trade clause, so he can control where he lands. If things fall apart in Seattle and he's only willing to play for one of those four teams, facilitating a trade could be more difficult for the Seahawks. So, essentially, by stating where he would or wouldn't play, Wilson can gain some leverage.


Besides, it doesn't look like Wilson is going anywhere right now. He's still favored to stay with the Seahawks, so that list of four teams won't have much meaning until he actually requests a trade. If he ever does.

Either way, Wilson didn't do anything wrong. He's just doing what he can to take control of the situation.