Stephen A. Smith begs Seahawks to beat Cowboys to shut fans up


If there is one thing we know about ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, is his pure and unfiltered hatred of “America’s Team,’ the Dallas Cowboys.

The hate stems from actually getting dumped from a former girlfriend because Tony Dorsett rushed for only 58 yards in a playoff loss.

His first love broke his heart, and he hasn’t looked back since.

He even goes as far as, when the show is in Dallas, mock the fans right in front of their faces.

As the new season is underway, Smith is back at it with wanting the Cowboys to lose every single week.

For this week, the Seattle Seahawks are up to bat and Smith is almost begging the team to win this week so the Cowboy fans will leave him alone.

The 12th man might not be there, but Smith says he has their backs.

“Your boy, Stephen A, is asking you to come through,” Smith continues. “Russell Wilson! D.K. Metcalf! Jamal Adams! I need y’all to shut them damn Cowboys fans up! Please!”

With how the Cowboys came back from a 20-point deficit in the last two quarters against the Atlanta Falcons to win, you can only imagine the amount of backlash Smith got from Cowboys fans.

“Do not put through this noise for two consecutive weeks,” Smith said. “Please! Pretty please with sugar on top!

If the messages are that bad, Smith is looking for Russell Wilson to ‘cook’ the Cowboys this Sunday and continue to play the way he is playing like he has been for the first two games.


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