A trade for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson would 'take a king's ransom'


While trade talk regarding Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has seemingly cooled since the start of NFL Free Agency, there are several teams still interested in acquiring the star quarterback’s services.

Despite the Chicago Bears reportedly making an aggressive offer for Wilson and Seattle shutting them down, a potential trade involving the eight-time Pro Bowler could still happen, and before the 2021 NFL Draft, ESPN’s Diana Russini says.

“Around league circles right now, the talk is that the door is still open for a trade to happen,” Russini said during last Thursday’s “Get Up!” episode. “It just needs to be the right situation. And if this were to actually happen … it’s going to be closer to the draft. This is the prime time … and it always made sense, if they were going to make a deal, it was going to be closer to the draft — not before free agency.”

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What we know is Chicago offered Seattle a trade package that included three first-round picks, one third-round pick and two starters, but the Bears came up empty.


On The Colin Cowherd podcast, the “Herd” host asked Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Bills and Colts GM, Bill Polian, what his starting point would be for Wilson if he was negotiating with the Seahawks. Simply put, it would take a massive trade package.  

“Well, you already know it's three ones because the 49ers gave up three ones and a two, to come up and take a guy who's never taken a snap in the National Football League, and if it's Trey Lance, he's taken 16 at the college level,” Polian explained. “So, what in the heck would you demand from Russell Wilson, who's probably got at least eight to nine more good years in him? For goodness sakes, it would take a king's ransom. That's point one.

“Point two, who’s gonna play quarterback for the Seahawks if he's not? Is this a franchise, that's ready to fold the tent, like the Houston Rockets and say ‘We don't care, we're going to put any bunch of no-names out on the court just because Harden wants to leave, and we'll sacrifice the whole year?’ We don't do that in the National Football League, to begin with...

Second of all, a team like the Seahawks, I can't imagine they would ever do a thing like that.

- Bill Polian

It’s worth noting the Seahawks haven’t made many moves to bolster the offensive line and fulfill Wilson’s desire to have more protection. Seattle traded for veteran guard Gabe Jackson, re-signed starting center Ethan Pocic last week, and will return offensive line starters: Brandon Shell, Damien Lewis and Duane Brown.

Wilson has also been reportedly encouraging the Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown, but the four-time All-Pro receiver remains on the Big Board.  

Have the Seahawks done enough to appease Wilson?

While Seattle doesn’t appear interested in trading its franchise quarterback, we’ll know more about the 32-year-old QBs future with the Seahawks over the next month.