Tre Brown disrespects 49ers making him the perfect Seahawks selection


Long before Tre Brown was taken with the No. 137 overall pick in the fourth-round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Oklahoma standout trolled the 49ers in the best way possible.

In a Twitter post dating back to 2014, Brown tweeted out this message to Seattle’s NFC rivals:

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That social media post certainly aged well, and as it turns out, it was written in the stars for Brown to join the Seahawks years later. 

The 12s quickly caught wind of the seven-year-old post, and let’s just say Seahawks fans are already embracing the team’s newest addition at cornerback.

We stan our new king,” @FieldGulls tweeted.

“Oh wow, he is already one of us!@TaylorJacobs added.


It’s a rite of passage as a Seahawks player to develop a deep hatred for the 49ers, but it appears Brown is already on the right side of the heated rivalry. Go Hawks!

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