Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf continue to show they’re the best WR duo in the NFL


Let’s cut to the chase: There isn’t a better wide receiver duo in the NFL than DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, not definitively anyway. You could argue it’s Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley in Atlanta, or maybe even Chris Godwin and Mike Evans in Tampa Bay.

But for my money, it’s Metcalf and Lockett, no matter which way you slice it.

They’ve been more productive than any duo this season, that part is objective and undebatable. Through just seven games, they’ve combined for 85 receptions, 1,255 yards and 14 touchdowns (seven a piece). That’s ridiculous production without even reaching the halfway mark of the season.

“Tyler actually told me on the field, ‘man, we have the best duo in the league,’” Metcalf shared after Sunday’s win against the 49ers. “We feed off of each other very well. It doesn’t help (the opponents) when David (Moore) and Freddie Swain come in the game, they just bring that much more energy to the field. I just believe that we have the best and closest (position) room in the league.”

Ask yourself this: Would you rather have Jones and Ridley or Lockett and Metcalf long term? The answer should still be Seattle’s pair. Metcalf is still just 22 and Lockett recently turned 28. Jones will be 32 in February and Ridley turns 25 in December.

Additionally, Metcalf and Lockett complement one another perfectly. Metcalf is the physical specimen whose strength, size and speed give him a unique ability to dominate a game that few of his peers possess.


Lockett’s quickness, football savvy and prowess for making tough catches in traffic make him equally difficult to stop.

“Those two guys, arguably two of the best receivers in the game, in my opinion, just how they play,” Russell Wilson said on Sunday. “So much talent, so much ability, and they're so -- Tyler is older, but both of them are still very young and continue to grow.

“I'm glad that they're on our team. It's a blessing to be able to throw the football to them.”

Just one week after Lockett’s 15-catch, 200-yard, three-touchdown outburst against the Cardinals, it was Metcalf’s turn to take over. The Seahawks second-year phenom posted a career-high 12 catches for 161 yards while scoring twice in Seattle’s 37-27 win over the 49ers on Sunday.

The last two weeks illustrate the conundrum that opposing defenses face against Seattle: You can probably find a way to limit one of Seattle’s superstar wideouts, but that likely just means the other is going to torch you relentlessly. Add in the fact that a future Hall of Fame quarterback is throwing them the football and it’s no surprise why the Seahawks own the highest-scoring offense in football.

The kicker is that both wideouts expect to dominate while checking their ego in favor of a team-first mindset. There is no semblance of prima donna between the two.

“Me and Tyler feed off of each other very well,” Metcalf said. “We don’t care who gets the credit or who gets the shine one week because he has my back no matter what and I have his no matter what. Like I said, shout out to D-Mo and Freddie. They come up clutch every time they come into the game. It just speaks highly of our receiver room and the standard that we hold each other to.”

Added Pete Carroll: “We’re so fortunate, and those guys are awesome about it. What did Tyler get today? I don’t even know what his numbers were. But, imagine, he got 20 targets last week. Then we come back this week, and it goes the other way, and everybody’s fine about it, and everybody just takes what comes their way.”

Seattle is 6-1 on the season and atop the NFC standings. That’s predominantly to the play of the offense putting up 34.3 points per game. There’s no reason to believe any defense in the NFL will be able to slow down the Seahawks anytime soon, either.