Tyreek Hill makes DK Metcalf touchdown-saving tackle after swearing he would never


It was one of the most remarkable plays in NFL history.

In Seattle’s Week 7 matchup vs. the Arizona Cardinals, Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf showcased his warp speed when he chased down Cardinals safety Budda Baker following a Russell Wilson costly red zone interception.

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Baker saw grass en route to a 99-yard pick six, but Metcalf hunted him down. The second-year wideout reached 22.64 mph and traveled 114.8 yards to stop the NFL’s highest-paid safety just short of the goal line. It was one of the most incredible defensive plays of the year.

“DK HAWKED MY ASS… #RESPECT,” Baker said after the game. 

Back in October when asked about Metcalf’s incredible hustle play, Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill swore he would never make that play if forced.

Why? Because Patrick Mahomes doesn’t throw interceptions like Russell Wilson.


“Back to the DK Metcalf play, that was a real nice play, but unfortunately for me, I would never be able to like showcase that because Patrick [Mahomes] he never throws interceptions, so there you have it.”

Well, his comments didn’t age well.

On Sunday, Hill darted down the sideline like a cheetah hunting down a young impala after Mahomes threw his sixth interception of the season in Week 16 vs. the Atlanta Falcons. The ball was picked off near the goal line by Foyesade Oluokun, who began his long return before Hill chased him down and punched the ball out.

Yep, this actually happened after the Chiefs wide receiver said his quarterback would never throw an interception that forced him to run anyone down.

My how the tables have turned, Tyreek.

Ultimately the Chiefs went on to defeat the Falcons 17-14 to secure the top seed in the AFC and a first-round bye, but in Seattle, Wilson and Metcalf are getting the last laugh.