What the Cowboys said after a 38-31 loss to the Seahawks in Week 3


The Seahawks are off to a 3-0 start after outlasting the Cowboys, 38-31, in a shootout in Week 3. Russell Wilson hit DK Metcalf for a game-winning 29-yard touchdown with 1:47 left to play, and then Ryan Neal’s first-career interception sealed the win for Seattle.

Between turnovers, penalties and special teams miscues, it was a brutal defeat for Dallas. Here’s what the Cowboys had to say following the game.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy

(On Russell Wilson and the issues he has getting out of the pocket and did he design to do a bunch rush and keep him in from behind a little bit for most of the game)

“That was part of it. Part of it was self-scout. I felt it was something we could do more of. I thought for the most part we did a great job keeping him in the pocket. I thought the challenge for second reaction rush was a bit challenging the way the play was expanded and the way they were able to hold on to us and extend those plays even when we did a great job keeping him in the pocket. I thought it was a good plan.”

(On the turnover at the end of the first half and to start the third quarter and what Dak did at the dynamic of the game at that point)

“Going into the half you are looking for a score coming in and a score coming off is always a huge momentum. Opportunities as a football team, that’s part of the equation and why we defer in a coin toss, so to me everybody is on for something and we will always start and stop with the capability to take care of the football and take it away and we haven’t gotten that done in the last two weeks. We need to change that quickly or we are going to be in these battles each week. It’s difficult to overcome turnovers. I would say the one for the half the route was undercut and the one to start the half it looked like we had protection to stay there.”


QB Dak Prescott

(On the interception and fumble in the second and third quarters)

“On the interception, the ball was just a little behind Cooper. It was a great play by Seattle and the guy came up with the ball. I can’t do that. It results in them getting a touchdown right before half, and then we come out of halftime and it’s pretty much a strip sack as I’m trying to throw. The ball comes out, and it’s another turnover that results in a touchdown. Simple as that, that’s how you lose games. Me, personally, and everybody, we have to be better at protecting the ball.”

(On how much he relishes the opportunity to answer Russell Wilson at the end of the game)

“I always want the ball in my hands. I’m never going to shy away from the moment with the ball in my hands and having a chance to win the game. I want to make those throws, and I want to have those opportunities. We just have to be better, starting with myself, of converting those and making more of these one-score games wins for us. I know we will. We’ll just go back this week, have some tough practices, get back on to the details and we’ll change this thing around. We have a long way to go, and we’re just 1-2.”

DE Aldon Smith

(On the loss)

“Well we obviously wanted to take away Russell’s ability to run, scramble against us and make plays. We just tried to limit his play making ability. I think we did a pretty good job of that. But we’ve obviously got to do things better.”

(On trying to get to Wilson)

“I think it’s important that you don’t let him frustrate you and discourage your rush. He does a good job keeping plays active. It was something that we prepared for and something we knew going in. It’s just that we’ve got to make more plays next time.”

(On Wilson and the 2pt conversion)

“He’s a talent quarterback. Obviously, you would prefer not to have him in that type of situation. But it is what it is. He just made a play and we didn’t down there.”


CB Trevon Diggs

(On defensive breakdowns)

“It was really on us, honestly…just miscommunication. There are things we’ve got to correct in practice and things like that. We’re going to get it right. It’s just communication. That’s it. That’s literally it.”

(On “second reaction plays”)

“Playing against a guy like Russ, he likes to scramble and he can extend plays. You’ve just got to stay with your piece. In your area if a guy comes in your vicinity, you’ve got to grab him, lock on to him and run wherever he goes. That’s hard to do. But that’s something you have to do when you’re playing a scrambling quarterback, a guy like Russ, a great quarterback who can make all the throws. You’ve just got to be on your Ps and Qs when he starts running around.”

(On giving up 38 points)

“It happened on the defense. Just like I said before, it was miscommunication. Most of the plays that we gave them were because of us. We’ve got to fix that. If we fix that, the score may be different. So, it’s communication. I have all the faith in all of us and it will take all of us. We’re going to get it done.”

DE DeMarcus Lawrence

(Regarding how hard it is to face Russell Wilson)

“I mean, there’s a lot of quarterbacks in the league that move around a lot and if you let them get outside the pocket they become a force, they’re pretty good at it. So, hats off to Russ and them, they won the game. But we’ll see them again.”