What Week 15 means for the Seahawks playoff picture


If the Seattle Seahawks (9-4) want to clinch their eighth playoff berth in nine years, they can do so on Sunday.

With a win or tie in the Seahawks 10 a.m. game at Washington (6-7) this weekend, the Seahawks could secure a spot in postseason play. They could also qualify for the playoffs should the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears, both 6-7, tie in their 10 a.m. contest. 

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If Seattle comes away victorious in Week 15, it sets up the Seahawks' next home game against the Los Angeles Rams (9-4) as a battle for the NFC West throne. This remains the case no matter what the outcome is between the Rams and Jets (0-13) on Sunday at SoFi Stadium.

The top seed in the NFC and the conference’s only first-round bye is also still in play. Green Bay (10-3) is currently on top of the New Orleans Saints (10-4). The Packers beat the Saints 37-30 in the third game of the season.


Green Bay will host Carolina (4-9) on Saturday, while New Orleans will welcome Kansas City (12-1) on Sunday.

As of now, the Seahawks currently hold the fifth of seven playoff sports in the NFC and the first Wild Card spot. If the playoffs were to start today, Seattle would play this week’s opponent, the fourth-seeded Washington Football Team, in the first round.

To say the stakes are high for Seattle in these next few weeks would be an understatement. But, in Seahawks fashion, expect a down-to-the-wire finish and a mad dash to the finish as the final three games of the 2020 regular season come to a close.