Why Colin Cowherd compares Damian Lillard to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson


When it comes to sports in the Northwest, two names reign supreme over all other athletes: Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.

When the two star-studded players take the court or field, they are easily some of the most dominant players in their respective fields, and they have the stats and wins to prove it. 

Despite the two superstars suiting up for different sports teams, Lillard and Wilson both exhibit a calm demeanor when it's time for them to find success in clutch time. 

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FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd noted the two players striking similarities.

“We were talking about Dame Lillard and I compared him to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson,” Colin Cowherd said. “That he really never changes expression. Highs, lows, he’s just the same guy. And Dame’s very unique because sometimes when you play up in Portland or Seattle, you’re thousands of miles away from a lot of these media centers like Chicago, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.”

In a recent episode of the Herd with Trail Blazers center Enes Kanter, Cowherd asked the Blazers big man about what makes Lillard unique. 

“[He's] probably the most loyal player I have seen,” Kanter said. “He loves pressure. He doesn’t care about all the haters out there, whoever pokes against his team or his teammate. He wants to go out there and prove everyone one. One thing that makes him special is he makes himself better and he makes everybody else around him better...


There are so many great players in the league, but they don’t make other players around them better, but with Dame it’s different.

- Enes Kanter on Damian Lillard

While neither Lillard and Wilson live in cities where the media reigns supreme like New York or Los Angeles, when they are both making plays, the national media spotlight always seems to find them.

There haven't been any photos of Lillard and Wilson getting together that we know of, but if the two were to sit down and talk, it's not unfathomable to think their approach to the game would be in similar fashion.