Why the Darnold trade makes the Seahawks less likely to trade Wilson


The New York Jets and Carolina Panthers made a big trade on Monday afternoon. The Jets agreed to send the former No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for three draft picks (a 2021 sixth-round picks and 2022 second and fourth-round picks).

Believe it or not, this trade could have an impact on the Seattle Seahawks. It means that they're even less likely to trade Russell Wilson this offseason.

Earlier in the offseason, it was reported that the Seahawks had a level of interest in acquiring Darnold if they were forced to move on from Wilson.

The rumors made sense. Pete Carroll is a former USC guy, and he had spoken highly of Darnold in the past.

Additionally, the Seahawks wouldn't have necessarily been positioned to land a top-tier quarterback in the draft if they had offloaded Wilson to one of his four preferred destinations. They would still, however, need a young quarterback with starter potential if they needed to replace Wilson. Darnold would've fit the bill as a nice stopgap with upside.

Now, with Darnold unavailable, the stopgap options for the Seahawks in that circumstance are less than stellar. Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater represents is probably the best quarterback that would be readily available for Seattle.

Marcus Mariota would make sense as well, but with his restructured contract, the Raiders might ask for a mid-round pick for Mariota. The Seahawks have just three draft picks this year, so that's a price they'd have trouble paying.


In reality, Darnold was just a contingency option for Seattle anyway, and they only would've pursued him if Wilson had demanded a trade. But with him unavailable, the concept of trading Wilson is even more difficult to swallow.

So, this just continues to solidify that Wilson will be the Seahawks' quarterback in 2021 barring a massive change of heart on either side of the aisle.