Why the Seahawks won't trade Russell Wilson after key contract date passes


If the Seattle Seahawks were going to attempt to trade Russell Wilson, they would have done it already. 


To save money, of course. 

More on that in a minute. 

The Seahawks and Russell Wilson found themselves in a bit of a national soap opera after the franchise quarterback said publicly he was "frustrated on getting hit too much."

Wilson has a point. He's been sacked 394 times since entering the NFL, more than any other QB in that span. 

The Seahawks have failed to sign established lineman, instead electing to pay players on defense. 

That was met with reports about the Seahawks being unhappy about Wilson airing our his frustrations publicly. 

Wilson is known for signaling his desires in the past. He's incredibly calculated.

He's publicly suggested the Seahawks pursue big-name free agents in the past. 

But this news seemingly cut the Seahawks front office straight to the core. 

Squabbles are a part of any relationship. Some days are good, while other days, someone ends up on the couch. 

But, the two sides seem committed to each other. 

How do we know this?

Well, Wilson isn't sticking it to the Seahawks. He's already preparing for next season. 

And if the cap-strapped Seahawks, who enter the 2021 offseason less than a million dollars under the cap, really wanted to try and force a trade, they would have done it already.



Because a key date happened in the last week where the Seahawks are now on the hook for $19M in guaranteed money to Wilson next season. That's according to ProFootball Network. 

"If Wilson is on the Seahawks’ roster on February 12th, 2021, his $19 million salary fully guarantees for the year. Both the 2020 and 2021 salaries were fully guaranteed for injury at the time of signing."

It's part of the four-year, $140M extension Wilson signed.

If Seattle wanted to try to have the most flexibility heading into the 2021 offseason/free agency, shipping Wilson out before the guaranteed money hit would have been a top priority.

But, the Seahawks appear to still be committed to making things work. 

And Wilson holds a full no-trade clause. So, even if the Seahawks tried to trade the veteran QB, which we certainly would have heard about by now, Wilson still thinks they can work things out. 

So, while every relationship deals with bumps in the road, Wilson and the Seahawks remain professional. 

Wilson isn't going anywhere.