Will the Seattle Seahawks use the Franchise or Transition Tag this offseason?


The Seattle Seahawks have a lot of offseason issues to tackle that have never really been an issue in the recent past.

With quarterback Russell Wilson unhappy in Seattle, the offensive line in shambles, and key defensive players hitting free agency, this is going to be an offseason to remember.

In regards to free agency, the Seahawks opened up about $14 million in cap space with the release of defensive end Carlos Dunlap on Monday. 

Might not be much, but it was better than before and now they have room to try and bring some veteran talent to the offensive line.

The one thing the Seahawks could work with, which they haven’t in the past, is to utilize the franchise tag.

And they have until Tuesday to use it on one of their free agents for the season.

Players such as Chris Carson and Shaquill Griffin could be used in this scenario, but Seattle never uses the tag really.

The last time the franchise tag was issued was with Frank Clark before the 2019 season. It was only used with the thought that he would be traded later on during the season.

And he was, to the Kanas City Chiefs.

According to Sports Illustrated, if the Seahawks were to place the tag on Carson or Griffin, Carson would be the least expensive one out of the two.

The expected tag for a running back is $8.68 million. For Griffin, it would be about $15.10 million.


If the Seahawks were looking to use the tag, now is the time.

Griffin might not be worth that much money, but Carson certainly is one to consider in this discussion.

Pete Carroll stated that he wants to run the ball more and new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron will incorporate a better scheme for the running backs like he did when he was with the Los Angeles Rams.

It would make Wilson happy, as well as fans, if Carson were to be brought back on a franchise tag.

So, will the Seahawks use the franchise tag before Tuesday? Most likely not, but anything, at this point, could really happen.

If the Seahawks want to make sure the run game is good for this season, the tag might have to be used for this season.