Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken

Say hello to the newest NHL Franchise, the Seattle Kraken.

The league’s 32nd expansion franchise finally revealed its mythical name, logo, uniforms, and color scheme: icy blue and navy blue with sharp red accents. 

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"The Kraken is a name born of the fans. It was suggested and championed by the fans," Seattle CEO Tod Leiweke said.

The announcement quickly generated buzz on social media. NHL Twitter was excited to welcome the Kraken into the hockey family, while Seattle fans couldn’t wait to release their love for the Kraken name everywhere!

Many Seattle teams and prominent sports figures took to social media to welcome the Emerald City’s newest team. 

Some had thoughts on the team’s choice of logo.

Others shared a laugh when discussing what the Kraken mascot might look like. 

Mostly everyone, including other NHL teams, were supportive of the newbies. Although, some were more welcoming than others in the group chat. 

Let's just be honest, things just got real for opposing teams. 

The Stanley Cup does has a date planned with the Kraken in 2022...


Is it time for some Seattle hockey yet? The Kraken takes the ice at Climate Pledge Arena during the fall of 2021. 

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