Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken

UPDATE: NHL Seattle officially announced the team name as the Seattle Kraken! Read more here!

All eyes are on Seattle. 

The NHL’s 32nd franchise teased out a major announcement coming on Thursday and many have speculated the team name, colors and logo will finally be unveiled. 

What will it be The Seattle Sockeyes? Seattle Kraken? Seattle Sirens?

These are just a few of the sea-related monikers being tossed around after the NHL Seattle account dropped a teaser video into the Twittersphere to give fans a chance to speculate. 

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The video features three people on a fishing boat, preparing to pull up the day’s catch. In the net is a red light. Two of the fishermen begin examining the light, a Washington State ferry sounds and the light begins flashing. Then, dramatic music begins playing and the graphic reads the words “tomorrow.” 

You can watch it here: 

Many on Twitter took a moment to dissect the video. The fact that the workers are on a fishing boat makes it likely a name like Sockeyes, Steelheads or Kraken could be the one.

Others feel it’s something else…the Seattle Sirens?

Some people are just straight-up confused. 

It’s worth mentioning that the NHL Seattle ownership group registered 13 potential names for the city’s expansion team back in December. Kraken, Totems, Emeralds, Rainiers, Sockeyes, Renegades, Sea Lions, Seals, Evergreens, Whales, Cougars, Eagles and Firebirds all made the list. 


We also discovered in January that there is a sexy, contemporary, new adult, sports romance series called Seattle Sockeyes already. The interesting twist is the plot of the book series, written by USA Today bestselling author Jami Davenport, is about a billionaire determined to bring professional hockey to Seattle.

Yeah, we’re not kidding. 

Seattleites also have a few guesses into the team’s color after watching the announcement teaser. The short clip features a lot of green and blue hues, along with orange worn on the fishermen’s clothing. 

Hopefully, Thursday the guessing game will finally come to a close…20 months later. Tune into the NHL Seattle Twitter account Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. PT to find out what all the hype is about!