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The 2019 Seattle Seahawks regular season schedule is here!

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The 2019 Seattle Seahawks regular season schedule is here!

It has been 45 days since the last display of the NFL. Only 113 more days to go until the NFL preseason is back. Anyone else counting down the days? 

Well, maybe this will pass the time, or at least for the next day or so as the 2019-2020 regular season NFL schedule is finally here!

To view the Seahawks’ preseason schedule, click here.

Let’s take a look at the Seattle Seahawks’ regular season schedule this upcoming year:

(Home games in BOLD)

Week 1 - Sun 09/08; Seattle vs. Cincinnati; 1:05 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 2 - Sun 09/15; Seattle @ Pittsburgh; 10:00 AM; Pittsburgh, PA

Week 3 - Sun 09/22; Seattle vs. New Orleans; 1:25 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 4 - Sun 09/29; Seattle @ Arizona; 1:05 PM; Glendale, AZ

Week 5 - Thur 10/03; Seattle vs. Los Angeles Rams; 5:20 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 6 - Sun 10/13; Seattle @ Cleveland; 10:00 AM; Cleveland, OH

Week 7 - Sun 10/20; Seattle vs. Baltimore; 1:25 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 8 - Sun 10/27; Seattle @ Atlanta; 10:00 AM; Atlanta, GA

Week 9 - Sun 11/03; Seattle vs. Tampa Bay; 1:05 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 10 - Mon 11/11; Seattle @ San Francisco; 5:15 PM; San Francisco, CA

Week 11 - BYE

Week 12 - Sun 11/24; Seattle @ Philadelphia; 5:20 PM; Philadelphia, PA

Week 13 - Mon 12/02; Seattle vs. Minnesota; 5:15 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 14 - Sun 12/08; Seattle @ Los Angeles Rams; 5:20 PM; Los Angeles, CA

Week 15 - Sun 12/15; Seattle @ Carolina; 10:00 AM; Charlotte, NC

Week 16 - Sun 12/22; Seattle vs. Arizona; 1:25 PM; Seattle, WA

Week 17 - Sun 12/29; Seattle vs. San Francisco; 1:25 PM; Seattle, WA

More analysis to come soon from our Seattle Seahawks Insider Aaron Fentress.

DK Metcalf put to the ultimate test... with face mash-ups

DK Metcalf put to the ultimate test... with face mash-ups

D.K. Metcalf is quite the decorated football player as proven by his rookie season in Seattle. 

He was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks just 296 days ago in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Since then, Metcalf has spent a lot of time with his teammates.

But, how well does he really know them, especially as it relates to recognizing certain facial features? 

Metcalf joined Mike Florio and Chris Simms on the set of Pro Football Talk where his knowledge was put to the test:

Marshawn Lynch + Tyler Lockett? Nailed it.

Russell Wilson and himself? Reluctantly, yes.

The Griffin twins? Well, he got half right. But hey, can you blame him? Yes, the Griffin’s are twins, but boy it is sometimes really, really hard to tell the two apart, as you can see by Metcalf’s expression in the video above.

Metcalf passed the test and won't have to hear it from his teammates. 

Marshawn Lynch shows off his "chicken," channels Lil Jon in interview

Marshawn Lynch shows off his "chicken," channels Lil Jon in interview

Marshawn Lynch is always an instant quote classic.

Whether the Seattle Seahawks running back is dropping “take care of y’all chicken” messages for his young sahobs, or trademarking his signature phrase “I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” Lynch is always authentically himself.

While Lynch typically avoids the media when it comes to public events, videos from NBC San Diego sports anchor Darnay Tripp recently emerged from Lynch’s public appearance at the 2019 Holiday Bowl. They are unequivocally the Beast Mode content we didn’t know we needed this offseason and more.

When being asked a question by a female reporter what it’s like to be honored at the event, Lynch channeled his inner Lil Jon.

“Whaaat,” Lynch says repeatedly while the reporters yells “You heard me!” Classic, Marshawn.

Then, as Lynch proceeded to exit the interview, a reporter asks him “how’s his chicken?” Beast Mode stops dead in his tracks and proceeds to pull out either his phone or his wallet to disclose the “chicken” or money. 

"I'll show y'all the chicken," Lynch jokes. 

All of this happened while Lynch rocked a trademarked “Take Care of Yo Chicken,” shirt from his clothing line, Beast Mode Apparel. Make that money, Marshawn.

On a more serious note, Lynch shared his favorite memory from the Holiday Bowl and it included letting his backup, Justin Forsett, come into the game and make an impact.

Forsett ran for 124 yards and a touchdown in the game, while Lynch had 111 yards and two touchdowns in No. 20 Cal’s 45-10 win over No. 21 Texas A&M in 2006. 

Lynch returned for his second stint in Seattle in the Seahawks 2019 regular season finale, but it’s uncertain whether or not he will return to the Seahawks backfield in 2020. Pete Carroll said Seattle is not opposed to crafting up a “creative contract” for the veteran running back.

We can only hope Lynch will keep blessing us with unscripted interviews and inspirational "chicken" quotes for many years to come. 

Twitter user suggests how Seahawks could save money, Tyler Lockett not pleased with response

Twitter user suggests how Seahawks could save money, Tyler Lockett not pleased with response

The Seattle Seahawks have several free agent decisions to make this offseason. Retaining star edge-rusher Jadeveon Clowney, defensive tackle Jarran Reed, or both are at the top of their list.

Coach Pete Carroll said bringing Clowney back would be a priority for the team, while Jarran Reed made it clear on clean out day, he wants to stay in Seattle.

With roughly $60 million to spend, the sixth highest in the NFL, Seattle will have some important decisions to make.

One Twitter user had a suggestion for how the Seahawks could improve their financial situation this offseason: cut wide receiver Tyler Lockett.

Needless to say, Lockett wasn’t impressed with the response.

Yeah…it probably wouldn’t make since to get rid of Russell Wilson’s main target. Prior to the postseason, Wilson threw 70 passes to Lockett this season and completed 57 of them for 965 yards with 10 touchdowns and no interceptions. Per Pro Football Talk, that’s a perfect 158.3 passer rating. No other receiver has accomplished such a feat, dating back to 2002, when being targeted more than 15 times.

Lockett may have not been selected to the Pro Bowl this season and his 82 catches for 1,057 yards and 8 touchdowns may not look perfect on paper, but Lockett had one of his most effective seasons ever while leading a young receiving corps for the first time.

We’re just going to leave it at this. Lockett’s not going anywhere, including with you to grab that beer.

Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny has an update on his recovery

Seahawks RB Rashaad Penny has an update on his recovery

Rashaad Penny has an uphill climb ahead in his recovery from a torn ACL, but the Seattle Seahawks running back is on the right path.

The 24-year-old shared an encouraging post on Twitter Tuesday that he is “back on the bike,” quite literally.

Penny’s sophomore campaign came to a halt on December 8, when he suffered a torn ACL against the Los Angeles Rams. Unlike teammate Chris Carson, who avoided surgery on his hip, Penny did undergo surgery to repair his ACL as well as additional work that needed cleaning up.

“He’s doing great,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said of Penny during exit interviews last month. “He’s ahead of schedule already. They’re really excited about the progress that he’s making. That’s a much longer prognosis there. He’s got six or seven months ahead of him that are going to be really challenging. We’ll have to wait and see. He’s really determined, his attitude is great about it. He’s planning on making it back and getting ready to play. So, we’ll see how that goes.”

Penny emerged as the Seahawks No. 2 back before his injury, showing a lot of promise. He carried 65 times for 370 yards and three touchdowns in 2019 in 10 games. His road to recovery will certainly be a long one, but it's encouraging to hear Penny's making progress in his return to action. 

Steve Mariucci: Former Seahawks HC ‘Mike Holmgren is going to be a Hall of Famer’

Steve Mariucci: Former Seahawks HC ‘Mike Holmgren is going to be a Hall of Famer’

This year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame class caused a stir in Seattle. With the NFL honoring a special centennial class as part of the 100th season of professional football, there were a few surprise inductees. 

Former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher and former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson were each given a spot in the 15-person class. That’s in addition to the five players inducted in the 2020 modern-era class. 

Cowher and Johnson’s inclusion had many Seahawks fans up in arms about Mike Holmgren being left out. Seattle’s former head coach from 1999-2008 has a resume that’s on par, if not more impressive than both Cowher and Johnson. 

Holmgren finished his career with a 174-122 record as a head coach. He won one Super Bowl as a head coach (XXXI with the Packers), won three NFC titles and won two additional rings as an offensive coordinator.  

By comparison, Cowher had a record of 161-99-1 with his lone Super Bowl win coming against Holmgren and the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. Johnson posted an 89-68 record in just nine seasons as an NFL head coach, but he did win two rings with the Cowboys. 

It’s obvious that both Cowher and Johnson were aided by their television presence on CBS and FOX’s NFL coverage, respectively. The announcements of their induction into the Hall of Fame provided emotional moments on national television that were undoubtedly used to help publicize the centennial class.  

But enough with the cynicism. I don’t want to get in the business of diminishing another man’s accomplishments. However, the topic did allow for a fantastic conversation with former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci. The man known better as “Mooch” was the latest guest on the Talkin’ Seahawks Podcast. 

He understood the complaints of Seahawks fans and shared that other coaches like Mike Shanahan, Tom Flores and Don Coryell have similar cases. Still, he believes that Holmgren’s time in Canton, Ohio will come.  

“He will get in,” Mooch said. “Sometimes patience is a virtue.” 

Mariucci served as Holmgren’s quarterbacks coach for four seasons from 1992-95. Holmgren was one of Moock’s top mentors, and the two have maintained a friendship in the years since. 

“Mike Holmgren is going to be a Hall of Famer, it’s just a matter of time,” he said. “When this vote goes on year after year, they’re going to get a good coach in there. Mike Holmgren’s resume and what he’s accomplished in this league certainly says ‘Hall of Famer’ all over it.” 

As Mariucci noted, Holmgren’s legacy goes beyond his wins and Super Bowl rings. 

“He was one of the great offensive minds,” Mooch said. “He was a winner. Think of all the quarterbacks that he helped develop and made successful – from Joe Montana to Steve Young to Brett Favre to Matt Hasselbeck. Heck, he coached Steve Young in college at BYU. 

“Mike’s legacy is one of he was an innovator and a winner and gentleman.” 

Be sure to listen to the full podcast below for Mariucci’s favorite Holmgren stories and other memories of their time together in Green Bay. 

The Seahawks most famous play lives on in XFL

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The Seahawks most famous play lives on in XFL

We all remember the Seattle Seahawks infamous goal-line interception.

With 25 seconds to play in Super Bowl XLIX, quarterback Russell Wilson, instead of handing the ball off to running back Marshawn Lynch at the 1-yard line, threw a slant over the middle that was picked off by Malcolm Butler to give the New England Patriots the victory. The Seahawks were 36 inches away from back-to-back titles. 

It’s been four years since Wilson’s controversial throw at the 1-yard line, but the curse lives on.

Enter the Seattle Dragons. The XFL’s team saw many things in their league debut against the D.C. Defenders on Saturday: punt blocks, big hits, oh…and the famous Seattle goal-line interception.

Yes, the legendary play lives on.

“A few errors can really affect the game, and we have to overcome those," Dragons coach Jim Zorn during his postgame press conference.

It’s better for the Seattle Dragons to face adversity now rather than know, like when they are competing for XFL Championship Game. The Dragons, who fell 31-19 to the Defenders, are at CenturyLink Field for their home opener on Saturday. Kickoff is set for 2:00 p.m. There are still tickets available for those who hope to attend. 

Greg Olsen’s three-team tour ends in Seattle on Wednesday

Greg Olsen’s three-team tour ends in Seattle on Wednesday

Free agent tight end Greg Olsen is making his rounds across the NFL in search of a new team.

After visiting the Buffalo Bills last week, Olsen’s next stops are with the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the veteran tight end has a date with the Seahawks this Wednesday. Olsen is reportedly still weighing retirement and has a broadcasting job waiting for him at FOX should he decide to leave football.

The 34-year-old is expected to make a decision by the end of this week. 

An Olsen signing makes since for Seattle logistically. Will Dissly is coming back from a torn Achilles, his second season-ending injury in consecutive years. While Dissly will soon be back at full strength and restricted free agent Jacob Hollister is expected back in 2020, it wouldn’t hurt to have an insurance policy.

Olsen played 14 games in 2019 and finished with 52 catches for 597 yards and two touchdowns with the Carolina Panthers. In his 13-year career, which includes two Pro Bowl selections, Olsen has 718 receptions for 8,444 yards and 59 touchdowns.

The Seahawks are also listening to franchise quarterback Russell Wilson, who has made it clear he wants to surround himself with superstar caliber players. Could Olsen be one of those players for Seattle? We are days away from finding out. One thing is for sure: Olsen can still play. 

How Russell Wilson’s new hairdo broke the Internet


How Russell Wilson’s new hairdo broke the Internet

We’ve got to talk…it’s about Russell Wilson’s new hair.

The Seahawks franchise quarterback, fresh off a guaranteed salary of $18 million in 2020, sported a new 'do when he and wife Ciara attended the Tom Ford fashion show in Los Angeles this weekend.

Let’s just say fans had mixed feelings about Wilson’s new look. The All-Pro quarterback drew comparisons to John Stamos, Prince, George Michael and more.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite tweets: 

And it didn’t stop there. Wilson’s locks also caught some attention at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night. This time he was wearing a ponytail.

This isn’t the first time Wilson has gone viral for his questionable fashion choices. Last month, Andrew Hawkins of the Uninterrupted put out a parody video of professional NFL players walking into the stadium. Wilson served us his pre and post-Ciara looks, per usual. 

You do you, Russ. 

Seahawks’ John Schneider and his wife Traci receive Paul G. Allen award

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Seahawks’ John Schneider and his wife Traci receive Paul G. Allen award

When John Schneider steps on stage, it’s usually to honor the excellence of one of his Seattle Seahawks players or staff members.

But on Thursday, the Seahawks general manager and his wife, Traci, were the ones being recognized at the MTR Western Sports Star of the Year awards at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle.

The two received the Paul G. Allen award, which is given to the individuals who have made a significant or compelling philanthropic contributon. The Schneiders were honored for their work with Ben’s Fund, a nonprofit named for their son Ben that helps support children with autism. Ben was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old and is now 17.

Ben’s Fund was started eight years ago to give back to the autism community in Seattle. The fund helps provide grants to families in need to cover costs for things like medical bills, therapies, equipment and more. The Schneiders goal is to help local families ease the financial strain associated with ASD.

The family recently worked with the Seahawks to launch the A-OK sensory rooming September 2019. The sensory room gives fans a safe place to come when they feel overwhelmed by the environment. It also helps those with autism and other sensory challenges.

The fund has raised more than $4.34 million, helping Washington families support their children after diagnosis. To learn more about Ben's fund, visit their website here

Congratulations to the Schneider family on their amazing work in the autism community!