Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson has been getting some well-deserved love lately.

A few weeks ago, Wilson was selected second-overall in ESPN's re-draft of all NFL players.

This week, Chris Simms ranked Wilson as his second-best QB.

In both instances, Wilson fell second to only Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs quarterback has had an incredible two-year run of winning the NFL's MVP award in 2018 and winning the Super Bowl MVP award in 2019.

Meanwhile, Wilson hasn't made it back to a Super Bowl since 2014 and he's yet to receive a single vote for MVP. That second part is quite remarkable given Wilson's tremendous level of production and success in his eight NFL seasons.

The conversation of Mahomes vs. Wilson is an interesting one. A vast majority of NFL fans and media, myself included, would pick Mahomes as the NFL's best QB. But Wilson does have a case, and I think he was aptly ranked No. 2 by both Simms and ESPN. The hardest part of having the debate is the stark differences in the Chiefs offense vs. the Seahawks offense. Andy Reid's system has always been quarterback friendly, and he went full air-raid mode upon drafting Mahomes. Reid making tweaks to his offense in order to cater to Mahomes' strengths shouldn't be used as a case against picking the Chiefs QB.


In the same vein, Wilson's case shouldn't be tarnished by Seattle's continued run-first approach. Wilson's importance and value to the Seahawks is more apparent than ever. Each year, the conversation turns away from "Wilson helps the Seahawks win" and toward "the Seahawks win because of Wilson."

Would Wilson have similar numbers if the quarterbacks switched locations and Wilson was inserted into Reid's offense? Maybe, but it's impossible to know for sure, which makes comparing the two QBs so challenging.

Wilson is still in the heart of his prime, and there's no reason to believe he's already played his best football given his year-over-year improvement to this point. We very well might be revisiting this Mahomes vs. Wilson discussion should the Seahawks QB win MVP in 2020 or lead the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl.