Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

The Jadeveon Clowney story is still ongoing and a very confusing one at that.

As of today, Clowney still remains a free agent after playing for the Seahawks last year while playing in 13 games.

 At just 27 years old, Clowney is still an elite defender in a lot of people’s eyes.

However, last year’s numbers were not all that great. With just three sacks last year and only having just 30 pressures, Clowney is looking like a shell of his former self.

That is why an article from Bleacher Report’s Chris Roling put Clowney as one of the biggest losers of the 2020 NFL offseason so far.

The reason behind that is simple; Clowney missed the boat on getting a lot of money with a long term deal, and now he is stuck in limbo.

It is basically the end of June, and the teams Clowney was hoping to pay him big are strapped for cap space. Which also includes the Seahawks.

If Clowney wants to be on any team this coming season, he is going to have to take significantly less money than what he is currently looking for. 

He is currently seeking a number closer to $17M-18M per year for a new contract. Which teams obviously don’t think he is worth that much with the numbers he put up last year.

During this free agency, Clowney has misread the market for him and how his performance was viewed last season from other teams.


This Clowney story could continue well through the summer unless he finally realizes that he needs to lower his price and know that last season with the Seahawks was not as good as he thinks it is.

Will Clowney figure this out in time before the NFL season gets going? That is for him to decide and figure out.