Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Joint Halloween costumes are all the rage these days, especially for couples. Russell Wilson and Ciara showed everybody up this year, dressing up as Jay-Z and Beyonce, complete with a professional photoshoot and music video.

"Ciara and I had a little fun -- me dressing up as Jay and Ciara dressing up as Beyonce," Wilson said on Wednesday. "We just wanted to have a little fun and play a little respect to Jay-Z and Beyonce and then also we had the Obamas in the background so shoutout to them, too. It was a good time. Ciara killed it. I did my best. That was pretty cool."


Apparently Jay-Z and Beyonce reached out to share their approval and appreciation of the costume.

"Yeah we heard a little something, yeah. They loved it," Wilson said. "They were cracking up and just told us it was the perfect outfit, the perfect look."

Just some love from one power couple to another, no big deal.