Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Football is a game of inches. 

During Sunday night’s divisional game vs. the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks were the victim of those inches. 

After Green Bay capitalized on a goal line score by Aaron Jones on 3rd & goal in the second quarter that could have gone either way, it was Jimmy Graham’s catch late in the game that every Seahawks fan will be complaining they got a raw deal on. 

It was 3rd and 9 with two minutes to play and the Packers needed a first down to ice the game. 

Rodgers connected with Jimmy Graham cutting across the field and landed near the first down line of gain. Referees gave what appeared to be a generous spot at the time and indicated the Packers TE had enough for the first down

The Seahawks sideline was fuming. 

The play was reviewed.

And reviewed again.

It was a stoppage of play that seemed to take forever and ultimately came back with the following ruling: The play stands as called. 

Officials even made a point to say their review consisted of an angle that the television broadcast did not have. 

Still, people weren’t buying it. 

After the game, Pete Carroll discussed the play. 

There are competing theories about the yellow line and what was seen on TV, but losing once again by inches is a fact Seahawks fans are numb to at this point.