Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll has been steadfast that the Seattle Seahawks pass rush will get better as the season wears on. But what is that timeline going to look like?

Seattle has just 10 sacks through five games, which ranks 22nd in the NFL. If the 49ers get two or more sacks on Monday night, the Seahawks will drop to 23rd. Seattle failed to get a sack against the Rams last Thursday despite Jared Goff throwing the ball 49 times, and the Seahawks have one or less sack in three of their five games.

Despite being blanked against Los Angeles, Carroll said on Friday that he thinks his pass rush is just a short step away from clicking.

“I think the pass rush is going to come alive here in the next few weeks, I’m really excited about that,” Carroll said. “It’s the first time I really could see enough and feel like we’ve seen these guys out there enough to make some evaluations to make the kind of tweaks and stuff so we can help them out. “

Carroll, unsurprisingly, didn’t offer any details as to what he saw in the Rams games or what tweaks need to be made. He noted that he’s been pleased with the effort from everybody on the defensive front, which is an important place to start.

“I think this was the game I now can see some things that we can do better, and we can utilize our guys a little uniquely for their strengths,” Carroll said. “They’re playing really hard, with really good consistent effort. Ziggy (Ansah) is one of those guys who just plays so hard, stuff is going to happen for him, too.”


Carroll added that Jadeveon Clowney has been playing at a high level despite having just one sack on the season. That claim is supported by Clowney’s 84.6 overall grade this season according to Pro Football Focus. His five games have been highlighted by a pick-six against the Cardinals and a forced fumble/fumble recovery against the Rams.

“Clowney was so close to having a huge night, he was all over,” Carroll said. “Arms up, just missed probably four different times to knock balls down to be a factor on the plays. He was wild with his rushes, I thought he did a great job, it just didn’t show up numbers wise. But he had an effect.”

Seattle’s Week 5 opponent, the Cleveland Browns, have given up 12 sacks through four games and play on Monday night against the 49ers. The Seahawks will be watching that primetime contest with a keen eye for how to attack Cleveland’s offensive line.