Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

There’s no debating that Pete Carroll has built one of the most unique cultures in all of professional sports since becoming the Seattle Seahawks head coach in 2010. 

What Carroll refers to as “the program” is an ecosystem that values individuality, accountability and a maximization of efficiency. It’s shown remarkable sustainability in a league that churns through head coaches at an alarming rate. The Seahawks have made the playoffs in 7-of-9 seasons under Carroll, a run due in large part to the standards and culture he’s established.

Now Carroll, in a tag team effort with heralded high-performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais, have gone public with the philosophies that have made the Seahawks one of the most stable franchises in sports. 

Carroll and Gervais founded “Compete to Create” to give people the tools to reveal and engineer themselves to be their very best every day — at work, at home, with colleagues, with family and friends and in society. 

“We really have found a way to put our curriculum together in a way to create an educational platform where we can help people find their best,” Carroll said. “We’ve realized that we really do have a mentality and an approach and a philosophy that we can share with people. That’s really what Compete to Create has become.”

The two met back in 2012 after being introduced by a mutual friend. The connection was immediate as Gervais was able to help Carroll better articulate his longstanding beliefs in regards to optimization of individuals within a team structure. 


“Mike is a world class scientist in regards to performance,” Carroll said. “He’s as good as they get. We’ve seen eye to eye on so many things philosophically that it gave us the opportunity to create a platform to communicate on a level that was fun for both of us and challenging for both of us.”

And for Gervais, Carroll stood as an Exhibit A of what it means to live with present mind and carry a constant optimistic disposition.

“Coach Carroll understands how to organize one’s inner life,” Gervais said. “He’s consistent with his approach of being relationship based. He’s got an advanced understanding and degree of the principles that underpin pursuing potential.

“He lives it. He understands it. He values it. He’s got methodologies behind it. I couldn’t wait to spend time with him to see what we could do together. I’ve loved every part of it.”

Head here to find out how you, your team or your company can get involved with Compete to Create and visit Finding Mastery to learn more from Dr. Michael Gervais.