Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks hope DK Metcalf is ready to play in Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals. Metcalf isn’t even entertaining the idea of missing Seattle’s regular season opener.

And yet, it’s still too soon to know whether or not the Seahawks will have their prized rookie wideout in the lineup on Sept. 8.

“Let’s just wait and see how he does,” Carroll said. “I want (him) to, and he wants to. He’s referred to himself as ‘Wolverine’ like how he’s going to bounce back. Maybe he can pull that off.”

Metcalf certainly looks the part of a Marvel superhero, but we’ll find out just how quickly he’s able to bounce back from the knee surgery he had on Aug. 20. All progress reports have been positive thus far.

Carroll told reporters on Wednesday that Metcalf is already running – a good sign that the receiver is on schedule, if not a tick ahead.

“It’s an assessment every day. He feels pretty comfortable right now,” Carroll said. “He doesn’t have any swelling. He doesn’t have the hinderance that could have shown up. It depends on how he tolerates it.”

Metcalf walked off the practice field with Carroll after Wednesday’s practice as the two chatted for 10 minutes or so. Carroll continues to rave about Metcalf to a degree uncommon for an NFL head coach toward a first-year player. Normally the script calls for underselling rookies and squashing any hype that may be building.


Not so here. Carroll has been the conductor of Metcalf’s hype train. He noted that in addition to Metcalf's freakish physical qualities, he's also impressed from a mental standpoint, picking up the offense quicker than fellow draft picks John Ursua and Gary Jennings.

“It’s rare when the young guys really play well early,” Carroll said. “DK is different than other guys we’ve brought in here. It seems to come to him naturally. Other guys have struggled with the details a little bit more.”

The Seahawks would surely benefit from Metcalf’s presence in Week 1. David Moore (shoulder) has already been ruled out, which would leave Jaron Brown as Seattle’s No. 2 behind Tyler Lockett if Metcalf can’t go.

“He’s counting on playing,” Carroll said. “He’s not even thinking of anything else. His mentality is excellent – as good as it could be. He just continues to surprise us in all ways.”