Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

It is weird to look at Former Seahawks Richard Sherman in a now 49ers uniform.

Back in the day, Sherman was feuding with top-level pass-catchers as a member of the Legion of Boom.

One receiver that everyone remembers Sherman having beef with was actually on the team he is on now, and that was Michael Crabtree.

Back in 2013 in the NFC championship game, Sherman shut down Crabtree and made a spectacular play against the receiver to finish the game off with a Seahawks victory.

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After the game, Sherman called Crabtree a “sorry receiver” in a memorable walk-off interview.

You may call that trash-talking, but to Sherman, he doesn’t see it that way.

Sherman sat down with comedian Kevin Hart on LOL Network’s “Cold As Ball” series and talked about his comments toward Crabtree.

That wasn't really trash talk like sometimes, it's just the truth. Sometimes you just let your truth ring free.

 In that game, Crabtree only had four receptions for 52 yards on eight targets and didn’t score a touchdown.

So, in a sense, Crabtree was a “sorry receiver” during that game.

Years have passed since that incident, and Hart asked Sherman if him and Crabtree are still “friends.”


Sherman, with little hesitation, said, "It's a complicated, convoluted ... a lot of moving parts to the situation that go up and down and around and over there. You know, one of those situations where you just let it be everywhere but nowhere, and I ain't never there."

Will Sherman and Crabtree ever get over there encounter they had with each other and be friends? As of right now, most likely not.

Crabtree is currently still a free agent after being released by the Cardinals in September of last year, While Sherman is still in his 49ers contract.

Maybe, just maybe, when they are both retired they can grab lunch and laugh about the good every day.

But knowing Sherman, he could be still “trash talking” well after retirement.