Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

The Wilson family has been trying to find ways to pass the time while in quarantine.

Whether it be hosting the ESPYs or instructing the kids through quarterback drills, Wilson's looking for ways to pass the time.

Now, he and his wife Ciara, had a little backyard zoo day, as documented by Ciara's Instagram story, as seen in the embedded video above.

Six-year-old Future Zahir Wilburn seemed to be having the time of his life with the animals, even going as far as having the tarantula on his head. Russ touched the creature as well, but only on his hand.

Meanwhile, three-year-old Sienna Princess Wilson also had a good time, specifically pointing out how small the turtles were in her hand, but wasn't so into the snakes that were brought out. 

“Whoa. Could you put it back?" said Sienna after the snake was released from its cage.

Overall, the family got to see one lizard, a black pine snake, some turtles, and a brown tarantula. 

In reaction to the event, one Twitter user @hwkbgr won the internet.

You can watch more of the antics from the backyard zoo in the video above.