Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

These virtual interviews during this time of quarantine and social distancing are pretty hilarious. 

While people everywhere are creating new home offices and connecting with others over zoom and other online resources, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has taken the interview game to a whole new level or should we say a whole new element.

On Tuesday, Wilson was interviewed by the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’s guest host Joel McHale, a Seahawks superfan himself. The two talk about life during COIVD-19, upcoming NFL training camp and the safety regulations for the players, Ciara’s pregnancy, Wilson’s latest signature shoe and even head coach Pete Carroll’s dinosaur fingers? Yep, that too.

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Let’s start with the dinosaur fingers (a sentence you probably never thought you would read).

McHale brought this up after seeing photos of Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s hands surfaced on social media:

“I’ve met him a couple times - it’s an important question - what’s going on with his hands?”

“Have you seen his hands before, he’s got dinosaur fingers. I don’t know what’s going on over there but his fingers are all crossed up…” answered Wilson.


Regardless of shape, those fingers have sported a Super Bowl ring.

McHale and Wilson then dive into what NFL training camps will look like amidst the coronavirus pandemic, which will supposedly start next week.

Obviously with the NFL season coming up and even the NBA with what those guys have gone through and everything else, it’s been an interesting time for sure. I hope that we can figure it out. — Russell Wilson

Like Wilson, several NFL players took to social media this week imploring the NFL to give them answers as to what training camps will look like, the safety regulations that will be put in place, and raised other concerns before stepping out onto the gridiron in a pandemic. 

The NBA has done a solid job of providing those answers and continuing to put player safety first and foremost in the NBA ‘bubble’ in Orlando, Florida.

We can’t take this time for granted and sense of health and safety, it’s such an important time. It’s really important that we do it the right way and at the highest level. That’s what the concern is, especially for families… At the end of the day, we want to play. Us Seahawks, we want to go to the Super Bowl and win it all. And that’s our focus. We want to do it in a safe way. — Russell Wilson

You can watch the full interview with Wilson and McHale on YouTube below:

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